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Welcome to HP Carpentry - custom made furniture



At HP Carpentry we understand our craft and the nature of timber and we will not just follow the average standard without being fully committed to our craft.

We design and make quality crafted furniture of your individual specification. The success of our work is proven through repeated work from customers who are completely satisfied with the service we provided and the craftsmanship involved in their individual designed piece of furniture.


From the initial advice throughout the whole planning and installation process the work is in one expert hand and with many years of international experience in the cabinet making & carpentry business our satisfied customers proof this success every time.


Every piece of your furniture will be made to measure to achieve the possible best solution for the room layout. The furniture we make will be  individual and not just standard to fit exactly into the available space to get the best solution and have it designed the way you want it.



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Advice - Planning - Manufacture - Installation all in one expert hand! Free advice and quotation for your new kitchen, bedroom furniture, internal woodwork or floor fitting. I will care for you from the start to the finishing of the job.